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Library Services

The college library is progressive to establish the quality culture of knowledge awareness in this tribal region. The prime aim of the institute is to enrich the library with the rarest and latest resource material. The digitization of the library is in progress. The project of digitization even for a small library requires huge fund to install the machinery and initial infrastructure.
The library has been partially digitized through installation of ‘Library Management Software’ with UGC INFLIBNET support for e-books, e-journals, e-manuscripts etc.
The library is dedicated to provide the best study material to the users. It has a rich collection of books (reference & text), journals, Govt. reports, Original Proceedings- Loksabha house, manuscripts and CDs/DVDs etc.

Library Service:

• Circulation service.
• Inter library loan service.
• Reprographic service.
• Internet access.
• N-List INFLIBNET Subscription.
• Reference Section.
• Magnifiers for Divyangs.

Library Practices :

• Birthday Book Gift scheme.
• Rarest Collection Centre.
• Book bank scheme.
• Book exhibition /fairs.
• New user orientation program.
• Library day celebration.
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There are total 3764 text and reference books in the library.The information of all the books have been inputted in LMS (Library Management Software). Besides this, thousands of online books are available on N-List-INFLIBNET website. The User IDs for the students and teachers are also created.
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We are highly thankful to Hon’ble Shri Manikrao Gavit, former Pro-tem speaker and MP Loksabha for donating the original proceedings of the Loksabha house.
The connectivity of N -List INFLIBNET service is available in the library to refer the online manuscripts and journals with free downloading.
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CCTV cameras are installed. Fire Extinguishers are installed on Walls. Regular bindings of the books are also done. Anti insect spray and programs for book cleaning also carried out periodically.

Rules and regulation:

• Only members are allowed to enter the library.
• Silence shall be observed in library.
• Newspaper and periodical are issued against identity card.
• Switch off cell phone before entering the library.
• One book will be issued for the duration of 7days.
• Per student only one book will be issued.
• Reference book will not be issued .
• it is expected from the student to handle the books carefully