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Information Cell - RTI Matters Redressed

Date Name of the Applicant Information Asked for Action taken Time taken
20/08/2008 Adv. Arjun T. Patil
Bodwad, Dist. Jalgaon
Vacant teaching posts in the college Information Provided One day
15/01/2010 Mr. Swarnimkumar Ashok Vakte
Yaval, Dist. Jalgaon
Fee structure of the courses Information Provided Same day
18/03/2010 Mr. Harihar Padmakar Patil
Dharangaon, Dist. Jalgaon
Institutes’ Girl hostels its location and recruitment rules of rectors and other hostel employees. Reply letter posted , (institute has no Girls hostel ) Five days
20/06/2010 Mr. Bhanudas Vasudev Patil
courses offered by the college Information Provided Five days
12/10/2010 Mr. R. B. Patil
RTI cell boards are suffixed outside the offices Information Provided Same day
10/12/2010 Baldev Ade
Details of teachers belonging to NT category. Information Provided Three days
04/12/2010 Mr. Ambadas Yeloji Mohite No. of students and teachers and sanctioned teaching post Information Provided Three days
03/08/2012 Jaykumar deore
M. Phil. Degree holder CHB and permanent teachers. Information Provided Two days
27/09/2014 Vasave Mangesh Karnik Details of scholarship given to distance education students YCMOU Centre of the college. Information Provided Six days
30/12/2016 Mr. P.Kurade Details of the teaching staff in college. Information Provided One day