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Girls Hostel

There is a facility of Govt. hostel for the girl students in Visarwadi.This Hostel for Schedule Tribe Girls is in operation since 2000.The intake capacity of this hostel is around 90 girls, out of which 30 seats are reserved especially to our college’s girls. This hostel is situated on walking distance of 500 meters from the institutional campus. The expenditure on girls including maintenance of the hostels are borne by the Dept. tribal affairs Govt. of Maharashtra. The main facilities available to the Girls students are as follows :
Accommodation Well-furnished rooms cum bedding, washrooms, restrooms and pure drinking water.
Free Balanced Diet Diet is maintained as per the extant nutritional guidelines and Diet plan menu suggested by the Department of Tribal Affairs and Govt. of Maharashtra.
Stipend Rs. 600 per month .
Uniform and Dresses Provision of Rs. 2000 per year to each girl for purchase of uniforms and dress.
Meeting cum Prayer Hall Morning and evening assembly and celebration of important days, students’ birthday and welcome functions are organized in the hall.
Reading Room Reading room is available to girl students.
Visitor’s room The parents and guardians can meet their wards in the visitors’ room.
Playground There is a small playground inside the hostel campus.
Safety Measures Female Rector/ Warden, Boundary Wall, Security Guard. The distance from local police station is near around 400 meters.
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