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Karmaveer Bhaurao Patil “Earn and Learn Scheme”

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The Earn and Learn beneficiaries are honoured with Cash rewards (Cheques) by the respected members of the Governing body.
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The workers of earn and learn team serving the dishes to college students during the organisation of farewell function for B.A. third year.

Karmaveer Bhaurao Patil “Earn and Learn Scheme”

The ‘KBP Earn and Learn Scheme’ is operated through student welfare department of the affiliating university. Seventy five per cent financial assistance is available to the affiliated colleges/institutes under this scheme.

Objectives :

• to make the students a multifaceted personality with academic excellence and commitment to an egalitarian society.

• It inculcates the idea that no work is big or small and develops a work culture with the right aptitude. This idea will make the education accessible and available to the poor, meritorious and the marginalized.


This scheme is basically undertaken for the benefit of students coming from the rural areas and financially hard pressed, intelligent but unable to afford higher education,

Nature of Work allotted to students:

• Office work includes working at the Library.

• Technical work and field work.

Features of the Scheme :

• Parity in work distribution.

• Equal opportunity to all for different kinds of work.

• Each student gets eighty percent of technical work and twenty percent of fieldwork.

Since 2013-2014, near aroundtwo lakh rupees have been given to the 70 student beneficiaries under Earn and Learn Scheme.

Poor student Aid Scheme

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Hon’ble Principal and Police Sub Inspector Shri patil of Visarwai Police Station are distributing the Cheque to the beneficiaries under Poor student aid scheme.

Poor student Aid Scheme

The ‘Poor Student Aid Scheme’ is operated through student welfare department of the affiliating university. Hundred per cent financial assistance is available to the affiliated colleges under this scheme

Objectives :

To provide the financial support to the poor and needy students to purchase study materials and equipments.


BPL family Students, orphan and Divyang students. Feature of the Scheme :

• Financial support up to Rs. 4000 per students.

• The support is available for 13 students per annum

Since 2013-14, 65 student beneficiaries are benefitted under this ‘Poor Student Aid scheme’.

Scholarships Scheme

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The institute provides the various scholarship to SC,ST and OBC students like Govt. of India Post Metric scholarship and Free ship etc. Fee. Near around 99% students of the college belongs to backward communities. It also arranges the scholarships from other sources like UGC, State Govt. and social NGOs.

Objectives :

To provide hundered per cent financial assistance to reimburse the college fee.


Every year near around 90% of the college students are availing the benefits of the Post metric scholarship. In the year, the scholarship of rs. 10000, is arranged to the poor students from the NGO i.e. DhirubhaiAmbaniRelaince group.