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Youth Festival

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The youth festival team felicitated with certificates by the Hon’ble members of the Governing body during Prize Distribution Function 2018.

Youth Festival

Ultimate aim of these extracurricular activities is to provide an opportunity to the students to understand the cultural values of the different parts of Maharashtra as well as the country. The Youth Festival Program is organised at intercollegiate (District) and Intra-district levels. The top performers are selected to participate at State and National level. This programme is operated through student welfare department of the institute.

Objectives :

• To give exposure to the students’ hidden qualities.
• Celebration of cultural diversity .

Features of the Scheme

• Food, lodging and travelling expenses is beard by the college.
• Additionally dresses and musical instruments are provided free of cost from college fund.

Outcomes :

Since 2013-2014, many motivational prizes have won by the students.