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 The institution is Grant-in-Aid from Govt. of Maharashtra under ‘Grant-in-Aid Policy for Tribal Areas’ and also accredited by NAAC at ‘B’ Grade.
 Institution is included in list of 2(f) and 12 (B) of the UGC, New Delhi.
 The institution is imparting qualitative higher education exclusively to ST, SC and OBC students in Co-education mode. (96% college students are ST, 2% OBC and 1% SC).
 All the sanctioned posts have been filled as per reservation roaster.
 Sufficient land for further enhancement and development.
 Highly qualified Young teaching staff and skilled Non teaching staff, which is doing their best in bringing rural and downtrodden youth into the main stream of the higher education.
 Two Hindi spoken teachers (one from H.P. and one from M.P.) of the institution are doing well in improving the communication skills of Hindi language in this Non Hindi spoken State.
 Uniformity in Curriculum , the curriculum is prescribed by the affiliating University.
 Supervisors for research oriented courses (Ph.D. &M.Phil).
 Financial assistance to all the students i.e. Scholarships, Poor students fund, student insurance, Cash prizes) .
 Ragging free, well disciplined, Hygienic, safe and eco friendly environment.
 The institution is well connected with National and State Highway.
 Basic facilities such as Post Office, Banks, ATM, Hospitals etc. are available within 200 mt. Surrounding.
 Progression towards IT and e-campus development and digitisation of library .
 Active involvement of the stakeholders including local community and staff towards the advancement of the institution.
 Malpractices in examination is strictly prohibited and under control.
 Distance Education Study Centre at UG and P.G. level.
 Competitive exam preparation centre is in progress.
 Expansion of U.G. unit : presently the institution is offering only one UG Course i.e. Arts (B.A.). If, the infrastructural and building capacity is increased or provided under RUSA then it would not only be possible to upgrade and expand the U.G. Unit to P.G. Unit, but it could also provide the platform for opening of new multi disciplinary education such as Commerce and Science stream.
 Legibility for UGC Grants : legible for central assistance as included under Sec. 2 (f) & 12(B) of UGC ACT, 1956.
 Community Awareness and Welfare Programmes : Students’ favourable response towards extracurricular and community services make it very easy to organise community welfare programmes and campaigns at grass root level.
 Full support is available from the affiliating university and governing body .
 Student Centric : if the institute gets a new building then it can arrange and conducts competitive exam coaching and NET/SET classes etc. this wiil definitely increase the employment avenues for the students.
 Healthy environment for the all round Development of the students as quality support services and programmes are available.
 Faculty Advancement : The faculty can undertake UGC Minor and Major Research Projects and can also participate in seminar and conferences held Abroad on UGC funding. Now with increased infrastructure, the teacher can spent more time in the institution and can emphasize more on research activities and student advancement.
 Development of IT skill: e-learning, IT skill and wi-fi access can be easily strengthened and promoted among the students.
 No income sources, 99% population of the Visarwadi region is Tribal (Aadivaasi) Majority of the families of this region is Below Poverty Line (BPL). So, the local community and stakeholders are unable to donate or contribute a single rupee for the institutional development.
 The institution is located in Tribal Area where Living standard of the people is very low which affects the moral level of the students. (The highest tribal populated district in Maharashtra).
 Low GER district in higher education.
 Hostel facility for Boys and Girls students is not available. So, the students of remote areas always dropped their higher education.
 ICT facilities and e- facility, needs to be updated with the current technology.
 Unavailability of P.G. courses in regular mode.
 Inadequate infrastructure and building is a biggest hurdle in shaping the all-round personality of the students and making the teaching learning process more effective.
 P.G. or further education enrolment ratio is much less due to unavailability of P.G. courses in this tribal area.
 High dropout ratio in remote areas due to non availability of Boys and Girls Hostel.
 Malpractices at School level making the faculty job more typical and challenging.
 New comers preferring distance education instead of regular education.
 A low living standard and introverts trait is the biggest threat found in student at large of this tribal area.
 Higher Illiteracy rate.
 The tribal people of this area still believes in superstitions, apart from this Malnutrition is another major problem of this tribal region.