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Outstanding Performers' Felicitation

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Felicitation of the outstanding students for their remarkable achievement in curricular and extracurricular activities.

List of the Toppers: B.A. Course

Name Percentage Year
Mr. Gavit Raju katya 64.66 2003-04
Mr. Mohite Navnaar Nago 57.08 2004-05
Miss Mali Priyanka D. 67.25 2005-06
Miss Rana Reena Ramesh 64.33 2006-07
Miss Gavit Bapu Sulya 68.83 2007-08
Miss Vasave Rusiya Sheriesh 60.16 2008-09
Mr. Vasave Devidas Prabhu 81.08 2009-10
Mr. Padvi Anoj Ramesh 76.16 2010-11
Mr. Pawar Yuvraj Sanjay 75.08 2011-12
Mr. Gavit Krishna Arjun 71.99 2012-13
Mr. Gavit Rajila Bhamatya 72.58 2013-14
Mr. Gavit Rahul Krishna 87.00 2014-15
Mr. Gavit Yashwant Korji 84.60 2015-16
Miss Gavit Nita Moga 84.60 2016-17
Miss Devre Dipmala Arun 84.17 2017-18
The word felicitation expressing praise for an achievement or good wishes on a special occasion. The felicitation programme of the outstanding performers is also an important section of the annual Prize Distribution Function. On this day, institute felicitate the students, staff members & teachers, peers, social activists and alumni for their remarkable achievements.

Objectives :

To motivate the outstanding performers


• The memento, Cash prize and certificates are given to the outstanding performers

• The contribution of the outstanding performers has highlighted.

Outcomes :

The students are occupying the top ranks in the merit list of the University. The teachers and alumni are also achieving more recognition.