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Meseum and Research Centre Tribal Art and Culture

Tribal culture has its uniqueness from different angles like their natural habitat, nature worshipping, traditional livelihood, flora and fauna lovers. We all know that forest dwellers have lost their traditional civilisation during the urbanisation and deforestation. The Govt. has setup special agencies and laws and provisions to preserve the traditional tribal civilisation.
During Tribal Art and Culture Expo-2018 on 10th February 2018, Shri Bharat Manikrao Gavit, Hon’ble President -VES, gave the idea to establish a museum cum research centre to attract the researcher scholars to conduct more researches on art and culture of this tribal region. His Idea is also accepted by Shri K.T. Gavit, a famous Pundit of tribal culture of this region. He explains that Idea of establishing museum cum research centre not only promotes the culture of research but it also earns recognition to our Culture at state and National level as well as at International level. Shri Gavit is a genuine caretaker and promoter of the ancient heritages and monuments of this tribal region. He assures the institute that his social NGO ‘Advasi Birsa Munda Society’ will give full cooperation to establish the museum.

From Director' Desk
Dr. Rahul Thakur
Director, Tribal Museum & Research Center

Key Aspects of the Museum :

• Invite the researchers to conduct more researches on tribal culture.
• Safeguard the rarest collections and ancient heritages under the custody of the care takers.
• Give publicity to the tribal art and culture of Nandurbar districts’ at national and international level.
• To promote the tourism in Navapur.
• Sightseen of the ancient heritages and traditional culture of the tribes.

College girls performing ‘Sibli Dance’ in Traditional tribal Costume

The blueprints of the museum and research centre is finalised, recently photos of some rarest collections on tribal art and culture are available online on the websites of the institutes.

Tribal Diety Devmogra Mata

Shri K.T. Gavit

Pundit of Tribal Culture
Explaining about the handmade traditional hunting implements and tools of the tribal people