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Women Empowerment

The institution is well aware about the issues pertaining to the welfare of women in tribal areas. The education not only promotes the principle of equality but also ensures equal-right to women and helps inlearning the lifestyle skills like living independently with a sense of self-reliance, respect and dignity. In tribal areas, the higher education is playing a vital role in awaking the tribal womento claim their rights and to indulge in activities like enhancement of socio-economic status.
The affiliating university is actively initiating the promotional campaign “Yuvati Sabha” for the empowerment of the women. Every year, the university provide funds to conduct activities like self-defense training programs, interaction workshops, lecture series and self-awareness programs. The institution has also setup the women sexual harassment cell as per the guidelines of the Govt. of India and UGC, New Delhi.
The lady students are given training in health, law, and social activities. They are also given training in self-employment and all other possible activities that enhance their social confidence. This scheme is open to all regular lady students from all the affiliated college / institutes. Funds for organizing these activities are provided by the University. The concerned college / institute have to organize seminars, camps / workshops to fulfill the objectives of the scheme
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  • 'Rakshbandhan’
The women student of the college celebrating the festival of ‘Rakshbandhan’ with the cops at Police station, Visarwadi in 2015.
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  • 'Women day'
Rally on women Empowerment organized in Visarwadi on the Occasion of celebration of ‘Women Day’ on 8th March 2016.
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  • 'Awareness Lectures’
The In-charge of Women Police station (Nirbhaya Squad) P.S.I. Smt. Sangita Kadam is giving awareness lecture on Law and legal provision for the women.
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  • 'Women Empowerment Workshops'
The women students practicing the self safetyskills during the workshop on Women Empowerment organized in the institute (2017-2018).
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  • 'Act and Dramas'
The college women students performing Mime show on ‘Foeticides’ in the youth festival 2016 organized by NMU, Jalgaon at Dahanaji Nana college, Faizpur, district Jalgaon
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  • 'Self Defense Training’
The women learning the Basic skills of the Self Defense under the guidance of the trainer during the year 2014-2015.