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• The Institution admits the student on the basis of first come first serve. The distribution of the seats to each category is done accordingly as per the roaster/ guidelines of the Govt. and affiliating university.

• The admision procedure is offline at institutional level, but it is totally online during the collection of admission & enrolment forms at affliating university.

• There is a well established online portal of the affailiating univeisrty where every institute feeds the scaned copies of the admission, enrolment from alongwith supporting documents.

• The admission fee collection centre of the affiliating univetsy is also online with electronic transfer money support.

• The advertisement of unfilled seats also done thrice and after third advertise, the unfilled seats

• 24*7 admission Help line no. +919021998340.

• Zero balance/ Nil Fee basis admission support to Backward categories’ students SC/ST/OBC.

• Online admission transfer facility for the students to transfer their admission to another institute.