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Feedback and ATR

The institution believes in ‘Good Governance’. The collection of regular feedback and action taken on feedbacks is an important characteristic of this practice. The analysis of subject wise exam result is an important element added in the feedback of the teachers by the institution. The analysis of the feedbacks is done by the IQAC and report is submitted to the Principal and Governing body for suitable actions.

The institute collects regular feedback from Students On :

1. Course and Curriculum :
The objective of this feedback is to know the attitude of the students towards the course and curriculum. There are ten questions included in the feedback like Extent of syllabus covered in the class, Overall experience with internal assessment, Student teacher interaction, Opportunities to work in a team, Job orientation of the syllabus , Experience with course-related activities like seminars and group discussions, Depth of the course content, Inculcation of values through course content, Applicability/relevance to real life situations and Overall learning environment.
2. Teachers :
The objective of this feedback is to assess the teachers’ performance by his trainees . This feedback was received on the parameters like knowledge base of the teacher, communication skills, sincerity / commitment, interest generated by the teacher, ability to integrate course material with environment/other issues to provide a broader perspective, ability to integrate content with other courses, accessibility of the teacher in and out of the class, ability to design quizzes / tests / assignments to evaluate students understanding of the course and provision of sufficient time for feedback.
3. Facilities :
The main objectives of this feedback is to know the experience and satisfaction level of the students about the facilities available in the institute for curricular and extracurricular activities. The secondary objective of this feedback is to know the expectations of the students and invite their suggestions to add more facilities.

The institute also collects regular feedback from :

4. Alumni :
The main objective of this feedback is to involve the alumni into the development process of the institution and invite them to share their experience and about the current job market and views to improve/update the teaching learning and course content etc.
5. Parents :
The main objective of this feedback is to promote the sense of belongingness and to know the views , suggestion and problems of the parents and guardians at grassroots level