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The Student Grievances Redressal Committee is active in the institution and actively tackling and redressing the grievances of the students pertaining to exams related matters.

Key Aspects:

Time Bound Approach :Internal assessment grievance is redressed within the duration of Seven days.

Structured application form : Available free of cost at library counter to register complaint or query against internal assessment marks

Transparent : Neutral faculty members such as Principal, Director Physical Education and Library Personnel are appointed.

External Grievance : Submitted to affiliating university well before the due date through proper channel.

Follow-up : The decision on the complaints is communicated to the exam sections for correction with proper follow-up.

Who Can Complaint:

• He/she realizes that they have been downgraded in internal assessment by mistake or intentionally.

• He/she realizes that they have been downgraded by mistake in final exam (external evaluation)

• Failed students,those have been declared un successful in final exam (external evaluation)

• Students’ whose names are misspelled, and miss printed in mark sheets.

• Divyang student, if they are not getiing extra 30 minute or scribe facility.

• NSS volunteers and athelets, if their Incentives marks are not added in the mark sheet.