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Alumni Association

Alumni are the lifelong friends and well-wishers. They play significant role in development of the Institution, thus alumni is also recognized as valuable assets and dedicated volunteers.
The institution is very young from establishment point of view. Since establishment in 2001-2002, the institution have produced near around 1600 under graduates. Majority of the alumni is still under learning process of higher education such as Ph.D., M.Phil. P.G, and also actively indulged in Coaching programs like NET/SET &UPSC/MPSC etc. However, the senior alumni of the institution have left great impression in both public and private employment sector
The institute conducts regular meetings, get together and interaction sessions with the alumni. Apart from this, senior alumni are invited as guest speaker at seminars, for delivering lecturers on C.H.B. basis, referees/ judges for competitive activities.

Activities of the Alumni :

 The alumni are now getting good jobs in Govt. and private sector.
 The alumni are doing well in higher education as they are pursuing Ph.D., M.Phil, P.G. and also qualifying NET/SET and Competitive exam etc.
 The alumni association is found interested to support the students by suggesting them various ideas and study management skills.
 The alumni are interested to contribute in the development process of the institute.
 The alumni appeal the institute to organize events and programs to promote the tribal art and culture of this region at state and national level.
 The alumni are interested in adding rich collection of research materials and books to promote the quality research culture.
 The alumni wish to add new topics in the Course to maintain tune with employers’ demands.

Name Designation Address Mobile No
Adv.Balu J.Gavit Chairman At. Pati Bedki Tal.Navapur Dist Nandurbar 9765635859
Shri.Raben K.Gavit Secretary At. Masalipada Post.Haldani Tal.Navapur Dist.Nandurbar 8007635155
Prof.Babu V.Gavit Co- Secretary At.Sonkhadka Tal.Navapur Dist.Nandurbar 9420064884
Shri.Abhay S.Bhavsar Treasury At.Post.Visarwadi Tal.Navapur Dist.Nandurbar 9503525143
Shri.Hari S.Gavale Member At.Post.Visarwadi Tal.Navapur Dist.Nandurbar 9405372639
Shri. Hari S.Gavale Member At.Post.Visarwadi Tal.Navapur Dist.Nandurbar 9405372639
Shri. Devidas P. Vasave Member At. Masalipada Post.Haldani Tal.Navapur Dist.Nandurbar 7678017581
Shri.Vishnu M. Vasave Member At.Vadfali Tal.Navapur Dist.Nandurbar 9987049769
Shri.Pankaj R.Valvi Member At.Post Kadvan Tal.Navapur Dist.Nandurbar 7045303307
Ku.Jyoti S. Vasave Member At.Post.Visarwadi Tal.Navapur Dist.Nandurbar -
Ku.Rushiya S.Vasave Member At.Post.Chinchapada Tal.Navapur Dist.Nandurbar 9657757355
Shri.Vilas P.Valvi Member At.Jalkhe Post. Bhadwad Tal.Dist.Nandurbar 7264082366
Shri.Sushil D. Gavit Member At.Post.Bharadu Tal.Navapur Dist.Nandurbar 8972982725
Shri.Raju R.Gavit Member At.Gaddani Post.Haldani Tal.Navapur Dist.Nandurbar 9765480311
image description
Prof. Smt. Jaishri M. Gavit, , Vidya Wardhini College, Dhule is sharing, her thoughts and experiences with the college alumni
image description
Alumnus Pankaj R. Valvi delivering lecture to college students during organization of workshop on Stress Management.

Alumni Association
(Registered under society act 1860)