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Create Quality Learning Culture

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Memories of Ajanta and Alora Caves during the Educational Tour 2018.
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Hon’ble Member of VEs and ZilaParsihad Smt. Sangita B. Gavit observing the Art and Paintings during wall paper competition.

Create Quality Learning Culture

The institute is dedicated to create quality learning culture to make the higher education more meaningful and practical. Quality learning culture is very essential to promote the life time skills among the students as it teaches the students to understand the behavioural issues. Under this scheme, the institution arranges various programmes like Educational Tours, seminars, workshops on soft skill cum personality development, debates, wall paper competitions, CV writing, green practices, Transportation/travelling Savvy and lectures of the eminent personalities etc..

Objectives :

• The ultimate objective of this practice is to promote the life management skills among the students.


• Regular bonafied students of the College.

Features of the Scheme

• Expert guidance on various aspects of the life.
• Promotes self reliant attitude among students
• Promotes the all round development among the students.

Outcomes :

The learned life skills have been proving beneficial in enhancing the academic performance of the students. Since 2013-2014, near around 40 programmes have been organised on development of life management skill