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Grievance Committee

Name Category Cast Designation
Dr. A.T. Patil Head of the Institute OBC Chairman
Shri G.B. Thorat Teacher Representative SC Liaison officer for SC
Shri B.V. Gavit Teacher Representative ST Liaison officer for ST
Shri R.B. Patil Teacher Representative OBC Liaison officer for OBC
Dr. Rahul Thakur Teacher Representative General Liaison officer for Minorities
Shri S.R. Rathod Teacher Representative NT Member
Shri A.M. Hirkane Teacher Representative SC Member
Shri K.M. Vasave Non teaching Representative ST Member
Shri S. Birare Student Representative SC Member
Institute is totally free from discrimination abuse and issues, as Visarwadi Region is highly populated with tribal communities. The institute is strictly adhering to implement the rules and provision laid down by the Govt. to uplift the safeguard the rights of the backward communities. Institute has setup the grievance cell for SC/ST/OBC and minority.

• 95% population of this region is tribal, while 3% people belongs to SC/ST/OBC casts.

• 70% employees of the institute belongs to SC/ST/ OBC and NT.

• Since 2001, there has not been a single instance of any type of discrimination reported in our prmises.